Facilities Management

Our cloud-based management solutions are ideal for managing multiple sites, from people management and connecting with suppliers to creating professional audits.

Whether you manage a catering operation, a multi-site cleaning business or an auditing service, Cypad has flexible solutions to revolutionise your operation.

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Centralised management of all sites

Cypad Monitor gives you a centralised view of everything from your head office, across each site in real-time.

  • You can also export your audit data into easy-to use Excel spreadsheets for distribution internally or externally
  • Understand where your facilities need improvement, which specific elements require attention and design a strategic overview for improvement
  • Remove the need for third party people management tools. Cypad is the leading fully-integrated management software provider
Create custom audit forms

Use Cypad Monitor to create a bespoke audit process that is designed by you for your specific operation.

  •  You write the questions – the auditing application is completely customisable and can be used to add any questions and parameters you need
  •  Ability to set weightings to the answers to highlight areas that are underperforming
  • The tablet-based Monitor application allows total remote access, so your team can access the reports you design – anytime, anywhere
Take your facilities management operation online

Choose from over 130 unique suppliers who are cherry-picked for their quality, delivery options and cost, and who are available online at the touch of a button using Cypad.

  • Save countless staff admin hours by using the Cypad tablet to place your stock orders – no more afternoons spent on hold with suppliers
  • Reduce paper waste and save money through moving all processes to a paperless environment
  • Download, record and countersign specific health & safety documents on the fly