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Time to read: 5min 20 Feb 2023

Introducing the 2022 England School Meals Report


After two years of success with our national report, this year we are very proud to be building our research by offering an England-specific version of our 2022 School Meals Report.
The survey that we produced attracted an overwhelmingly positive response with an impressive 267,047 completed responses from parents in England. We received responses from parents of children in every school year, from early years to the end of secondary school. You can see the split of responses across the different years below.

With a robust sample size of two hundred and sixty-seven thousand people, the report accurately represents parents’ opinions on the school meal service provided in England.

What can you expect

This study helps us understand what caterers, local authorities, and school leadership teams in England need to do to ensure their clients and families are happy with the school meal services. This research will provide an ongoing understanding of the needs of parents/guardians, local authorities, school leadership and catering teams.

The topics that the England School Meals Report covers are as follows:

Information on the contributors
Background on the research
Meal provision
How to increase meal uptake
Free school meals
Quality and sustainability
School meal information
Alternative diet and allergy management
Summary and recommendations

How can I get the report?

To ensure that our research benefits as many people as possible, it’s simple to get your hands on a copy of our report! Download it today free of charge.

A collaboration with ParentPay Group and LACA UK

The 2022 England School Meal Report was created in collaboration with ParentPay and LACA UK, who have added invaluable industry knowledge and recommendations throughout the report.

ParentPay Group

ParentPay Group brings together a collection of companies whose mission is to make life easier for schools and parents throughout Europe. They offer an array of service that supports schools, caterers, and parents to achieve efficient methods for their operations.


With a strong 32 years of experience, LACA is the leading professional body behind the school food sector representing public and private contract caterers. LACA is driven to inform, develop, represent, and support their members through multiple initiatives and services. With over 300 local authorities, county, district councils, and London Boroughs represented, LACA has a vast network of industry knowledge.

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