Juniper Ventures Ltd – Kitchen Manager

Time to read: 2min 1 Jun 2021

Cypad case study

Product: Kitchen Manager

Service: Catering and cleaning


  • To create a completely paperless environment across Juniper Ventures’ operation


  • Implement Cypad Kitchen Manager and work with the customer to develop a new Cleaning Manager product


  • All processes across Juniper Ventures’ catering and cleaning operation are now paperless


Previously, Juniper Ventures catering service was a paper driven environment – paper time sheets, stock ordered over the phone, prepaid envelopes for schools to return their paperwork and area managers acting as delivery drivers for confidential paper documents.

Equally, bringing staff on board was a key factor – some had been using paper for over 20 years so moving to a tablet system was a big change. Ensuring they were engaged with the new software and demonstrating the benefits to them was highlighted as a main challenge to overcome.

The results

All catering processes in Juniper Ventures are now paper-free using the Kitchen Manager tablet. Ordering is now completed online through Kitchen Manager, meaning cooks save time not having to be on hold to suppliers by phone on a Friday afternoon – allowing them to use their discretion and place orders as and when needed.

Messaging, invoices, documents, forms, staff information, training data – everything is now centrally stored in Kitchen Manager, meaning there has been a huge qualitative time-saving, as staff are now doing what they should have been doing all along, not spending their time filling in pieces of paper.

Juniper Ventures case study quote

Branching out

Juniper Ventures have several staff who work across their catering and cleaning operations. It quickly became clear there was a disparity between the two when the catering business implemented the solution, with staff going from a paperless environment in the kitchens back to paper documents in their cleaning role.

Cypad worked with the customer to develop Cleaning Manager, after Juniper Ventures ran a mapping exercise to prove there wasn’t a single part of Kitchen Manager that couldn’t be applied to their cleaning operation, thanks to the bespoke form creation functionality. All staff are now using Cypad Kitchen & Cleaning Manager across the entire Juniper Ventures estate.

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