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Classroom Selection gets even better!

Classroom Selection is an engaging way to encourage children to ditch the lunch box and eat a healthy school meal - whilst also reducing food waste.

Children select meal choices at home or via whiteboards and other devices in class. We've made some improvements based on feedback from schools -  including:

More flexibility

  • Make or edit meal choices after submission - record meals in the school office when a pupil is late, or if a teacher is unwell

  • Set-up multiple lunchtime sittings - if your school has a smaller dining hall or a lot of pupils you can set-up several meal sittings

Increased reporting features

  • Greater flexibility and choice, breaking down meal selections by class, year and sitting

  • Better visibility on dietary and allergy information

Not using Classroom selection yet? Please get in touch

ParentPay Welsh language version

We recently launched a Welsh language version of ParentPay.

If parents want to use ParentPay in Welsh - they simply need select ‘Cymraeg’ on the language drop-down box on the login page.

Parent Account - The quick way to pay school

Fastest way to pay: parents load credit into their Parent Account and pay school with just one click

Flexibility:  parents maintain credit in your Parent Account to help with family budgeting.

We've improved the basket... making it even easier for parents to pay

Parents love using the basket to pay for multiple items...

and now they can quickly pay for school meals direct from their home page.

New improved mobile friendly design

Simple layout: So it's quick and easy for parents to stay on top of their child or children's school payments while on the move.