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1 September 2023
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Our Lady Immaculate Primary School – An OFSM Case Study

Our Lady Immaculate aimed at reducing the percentage of qualifying pupils missing out on free school meals and pupil premium funding. Identifying an additional child entitled to free school meals each academic year covers the running costs of the school’s initiative and, over six years, could trigger 10s of £1000s in extra pupil premium funding to support vulnerable children. To address this the school decided to use Online Free School Meals (OFSM) to make it easier to identify pupils who would be eligible for free school meals and drive-up applications.

28 August 2023
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Edinburgh Primary School

The Edinburgh SLT decided that removing cash from school by deploying an online payment and debt management system was the clear way forward.

24 August 2023
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Bank Transfer has been renamed One-click payments

To make our payment options easier for parents to understand, we’ve updated the name of Bank Transfer to One-click payments, as it enables parents to checkout in just one click. One-click payments enables parents and guardians to make payments for any school items via ParentPay directly from their bank account, eliminating the need to enter or store card details.

5 August 2023
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St Peter and St Paul CE Primary School

Since using ParentPay to collect income for school meals, the school was able to quickly realise the benefits it brings. Being cashless meant that less time was spent on counting money/banking and rectifying errors since there is no need to write receipts or process any cash.

8 June 2023
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The Ultimate Guide to Improving Your Club Management

Download our Ultimate Guide to Club Management, designed to help you boost your budget, improve efficiency, and enhance the quality of your wraparound care.

29 May 2023
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New Longton All Saints’ CE Primary School

St Lawrence share their cashless experience. St Lawrence CE Primary school is one of thousands of schools across the country that has changed the way they collect payments from parents. They’re using ParentPay in partnership with BT Lancashire Services to streamline income collection as well as saving valuable time and resource. Maria Smith, School Bursar explains: “Since introducing ParentPay, we have achieved 100% activation rate amongst parents which is great. We’re really pleased to have reached the stage where all our parents are paying online.”

24 May 2023
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How to provide the best wraparound care in your school

17 May 2023
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ParentPay launches club management solution to simplify wraparound care

15 May 2023
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Get Involved in the NSPCC’s Childhood Day with ParentPay

5 May 2023
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Create the future with Learning at Work Week and LearnUpon

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