How We Work

Delivering consistent innovation through clever agile thinking, ParentPay Group is now the leading EdTech business in Europe.

We’re a team of multi-disciplined professionals striving to push boundaries of what is possible in an education setting by collaborative problem solving, dedication and compassion.

Our eleven brands encompass different ways of working, but fundamentally  we strive for excellence from the point of sale, through to product delivery and customer success.

With over 20 years’ experience under our belt, the ParentPay Group has grown to offer schools and families a wide range of services covering cashless payments, two communication, data management and catering management. But, the way we work and what’s important to us has remained the same.

We exist to help schools focus on what matters most: the education of their children. This is a core belief that pushes us to improve our products – always guided by what schools and families tell us they need; and we remain committed to delivering the very best quality products and services, at the forefront of our sector.

When we think about the way we work, we consider what our schools are trying to achieve: a good education for their children.

Standing united with our schools, we ensure we’re always enhancing what we offer, meeting our responsibilities to our customers with dedication and compassion, whilst always aiming to exceed their expectations through impeccable support and advise.

We stand behind our schools, supporting them every step of the way.


We are motivated by the belief that we can be a force for good in the world, through the way we work, how we treat colleagues, suppliers and the wider networks we interact with.

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