07 May 2024

Case study News

Lomond School

Phase: Independent

Local Authority: Argyll & Bute


An easy-to-use payments system to manage payments and streamline the process for trips.


A feature-rich payments system that has all the functionalities required by a busy school.


Consolidation of all payment information on one platform. Smoother functioning of day-to-day tasks. A streamlined process for organising and collecting payments for trips.

Lomond School’s quest for an easy-to-use cashless payments system

Lomond School were seeking an easy-to-use product that could help them manage payments. Since the school has to deal with a large number of trips, it was critical that they chose a product that could streamline the process for trips. And the trip management functionality within ParentPay was exactly what they were looking for.

ParentPay’s role in the school’s day-to-day tasks

Monitoring transactions, payment requests, income types, parent debt, and reconciliation at school, year, class, or pupil level can be challenging to manage. Lomond School felt that since ParentPay is very easy to use and navigate, it becomes extremely helpful to quickly manage day-to-day payments, chase on payments and manage trips.

“We deal with a lot of trips and the new trip payment item is extremely helpful.”

Looking at the benefits of the system from the school’s lens

Lomond School underlined that the product’s main advantage is its ease of use. Because the system is extremely simple to use, navigating the features and effectively using the product becomes much easier.

The school was equally excited about the benefit of being able to create and manage payment items for a range of different scenarios, from single payment items to ticketed events and trips.

ParentPay’s support in the school’s journey of going cashless

The school has had little difficulty integrating the ParentPay system for both staff and parents. As a result, the school has rarely need to contact ParentPay Support.

“When we do contact ParentPay support, it is mainly to help parents access their account or it is to do with a financial change for a parent account. The staff are extremely helpful and efficient with all our queries.”

The impact of adopting ParentPay and school’s overall experience

Lomond School now finds it easier to consolidate all their payments’ information on one platform, making for smoother functioning of day-to-day tasks. The school has also been able to encourage their parents to use the ParentPay system, allowing the school to maximise the benefits.

“Since I started using the system 5 years ago, we now have all our parents on ParentPay, including our international students’ parents. So far, my experience has been excellent!”

Download the PDF version of Lomond School’s journey with ParentPay.

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