17 May 2023

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ParentPay launches club management solution to simplify wraparound care

We are excited to launch a new tool within ParentPay to make managing wraparound care easier, smarter, and more intuitive for schools and parents. ParentPay Clubs is designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing ParentPay subscription, or to be built into a new package, to enable hassle-free club management from one central platform.

What is ParentPay Clubs?

Clubs is a user-friendly, paperwork-free, and completely cashless solution to managing your breakfast clubs, after-school clubs, and enrichment clubs. It’s one powerful platform to manage sessions, communicate with parents, and generate insightful reporting, designed to help you free up crucial admin time and focus on what really matters.

Increase uptake and make it easier to get involved

Clubs’ user-friendly interface lets you set up your school clubs and customise them to reflect how they run. You can choose to let parents make, cancel, and edit bookings online in an instant, or restrict bookings so they can only be made by staff. Other rules you can configure include whether the club must be booked for a whole term or if it can be on an ad hoc basis, and number caps so you never have to worry about oversubscription again.

The intuitive design also means that parents can see all the clubs you make available to them at once, making it easy for pupils to find clubs they want to join and encouraging them to take part in activities they may not have been aware of previously. Managing clubs this way helps to simplify weekly planning for parents, and helps school staff to manage numbers far more easily than using paper forms.

Powerful reporting

Our club management solution is helping schools leave paper registers and manual reporting in the past. ParentPay Clubs’ powerful record-keeping lets you keep digital registers and watch attendance closely, to offer total peace of mind for parents and staff that students are safe in your hands. You can also run reports to gain insight into the success of your current offering and help to optimise your clubs going forward; for example, you can identify the clubs which regularly fill up, see payment accounts for individual parents, and work out what types of clubs parents and pupils might want to see more of.

Easy parent communication

No more notices on doors or frantic phone calls when clubs are moved or cancelled: Clubs’ integrated messaging function lets you instantly communicate with parents of club attendees, either in bulk or individually.

Simple cashless payments

ParentPay Clubs allows parents to pay for extracurricular activities through ParentPay – no more envelopes of cash, trips to the bank, and manual accounting! You can also offer inclusivity and flexibility to your school community by utilising the club customisation features, such as by choosing whether to require payment upfront or allowing parents to pay later, or by applying childcare vouchers and other financial support within the system to make the process stress-free.

Our club management solution’s advanced payment system doesn’t just benefit parents – it also lets schools get control over their income. Forget rifling through paper records trying to corroborate who paid what and when; ParentPay Clubs offers reporting on payment history from individual parents, clubs, and more, so you never lose track of a single penny. You can also set payment deadlines and send out reminders directly to parents to make sure you get paid on time.

If you are interested in revolutionising your wraparound care with ParentPay Clubs, you can request more information.

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