Saving time in a busy Croydon Primary

Atwood Primary School

Why did Atwood want to go online?

Alex Clark, Headteacher talked about their decision to take online payments through ParentPay.

“As Headteacher, I could envisage my office staff being able to concentrate on more important tasks than counting money.” Alex added, “I also knew as well as saving time we could save money by reducing the need for secure cash collections from the school.” Alex said his team at Atwood wanted to leverage as much value as possible from ParentPay. They decided to collect all parent income online including meals, trips and clubs to create a cashless school.

Reaping the benefits

Going cashless at Atwood Primary School in Croydon has had a tremendous impact on office routines.

Alex commented, “At the beginning of each half term, the collection of dinner money and cheques used to take two members of the office staff almost two days to record, count and bank.

Now it’s just a quick check to see who hasn’t paid and send a reminder.”Office Administrator, Yvonne Sachs, added, “Parents can pay for everything online including dinners, outings, workshops, music lessons and even school summer caps.”

Parents can be sent an email or text alert when new items for payment are listed, which is proving popular with parents and is helping the school. “We’ve had parents who have paid online before we’ve told them about the event, it’s so easy.”


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