ScholarPack V2 UPDATE

ScholarPack V2 Update – last updated on 20/12/19

We are continuing to pilot the new ScholarPack V2 with a number of schools and we currently still in the testing phase.

What are the next steps?

As soon as we have successfully completed the pilot, we’ll migrate all ScholarPack users to the improved V2 API.

Why have ScholarPack upgraded their API?

The V2 API will enable our two systems to continue to share controlled pupil data and will introduce separate options for pre-admissions and staff. As well as improving data security the new API will pave the way for future sharing of meal attendance data (subject to further ParentPay developments).

What will you need to do?

Nothing just yet.

We’ll notify you via this message facility as soon as your school has been configured to use the new API – this is likely to be in January 2020.

You shouldn’t need any technical assistance with the migration as it can all be done easily within your ParentPay Manager Application.

Please note, we have extended the date that schools will need to have migrated to ScholarPack’s new V2 API.


Your sincerely,

ParentPay Team