Payment methods

Payments can be made for school meals, clubs, uniforms, fees and other activities.

Most parents prefer the convenience of online payments using a debit or credit card, but parents who wish to pay by cash may be able to do so through PayPoint.

  • public://h-s_icon-4_0.png Online payments

    You can top up your ParentPay account online using any major debit or credit card including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express.

  • public://paypoint_icon.png Cash payments with PayPoint

    If you need to pay in cash - you can do so through PayPoint in over 30,000 stores across the UK. Just ask your school for more information.

  • public://h-s_icon-5.png Bank transfer - coming soon

    Use faster payments from your internet banking service, or use a standing order for regular payments to keep your ParentPay account topped-up.

  • public://h-s_icon-3_0.png Scheduled payments - coming soon

    Select automated payments to keep meal balances updated and ensure you don't miss payment installment dates for school trips.

Online payments

    You can top up your ParentPay account online using any major debit or credit card including Visa, Mastercard/Maestro and American Express.

Cash payment through PayPoint

Not everyone can pay online, so if you want to pay cash, you can easily do so at one of over 30,000 PayPoint stores.

It's simple - just ask your your school to issue you with a PayPoint Card or unique barcode letter for school meals, trips or other items.

You can then use this to top up using cash or cheque and the balance is loaded to your ParentPay account.


Discover our new service - nimbl

    nimbl is designed to help build your children's financial confidence in a practical way.

    You can give your child pocket money or allowance on your child's own prepaid debit Mastercard┬«, and the nimbl web & mobile app allows your child to keep a track of what's coming in, what they've spent, and how much they've saved.

    You can receive instant alerts on your child's nimbl activity, and set spending limits and controls to guide your child's financial journey. 

    To discover more about nimbl, visit 


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