Notification from Warrington Borough Council

It is extremely important that you follow the processes below regarding looked after children and split families.

ParentPay always say that if there is a situation where there is a blended family, separated parents or changes to the primary parent that a secondary payer account must be created.

Creating a secondary payer in ParentPay

ParentPay will take the information from MIS for the primary parent. If the parent/carer or guardian changes, then a secondary account in ParentPay should be created, as the existing primary payer account will remain.

Full instructions on how this can be done can be found here.

In some circumstances, the current primary payer may need to be removed and updated by the secondary payer.

In these circumstances, we recommend that the school contact the ParentPay support desk and the team will talk through the steps for removing the Primary Payer and updating the secondary payer to become the primary payer on ParentPay.

Please note that although you may have updated SIMS with the new address details etc, the current primary payer account in ParentPay WILL remain, unless a Secondary payer is added and if necessary replaces the current primary payer account.

This will ensure any communications have the correct/no address, to ensure there is not a GDPR Breach.

In the ParentPay December newsletter, they will also be highlighting the need to create secondary payer accounts and why.