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What Medical Tracker can do


Medical Tracker Incident Recording

Incident recording

Record injuries, illnesses, near misses and staff or visitor incidents using simple, compliant and easy-to-use online forms

Medical Tracker Track Communications

Track communications

Medical Tracker will automatically keep a full audit trail of all communication with parents and staff.

Medical Tracker Student History

Student history

Student information is securely stored and easy to manage in the Medical Tracker system.


Medical Tracker Insights and reports

Insights and reports

Report on location, first aid room visitors and serious incidents to gain insights to improve safety for students.

Medical Tracker Track Medication Expiry

Track medication expiry

Receive automated notifications and instantly inform parents to ensure that medication does not expire.

Medical Tracker Manage Medical Conditions

Manage medical conditions

Online healthcare plans, share life-saving information, track prescriptions and save time whilst safeguarding students.


Save time and simplify recording results with our easy-to-use centralised software, designed to help schools manage staff and student test results. Tests are submitted online so that all data is available live and admin is kept to a minimum.

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  • Automated Email Alerts – Set-up automated email alerts for specific staff members when positive or void results are submitted to ensure the necessary follow-up actions can take place in a timely manner.
  • DFE Reports – Reports have been created to simplify the process with all required reporting to the DfE.
  • Test Kit Tracking – Test strip IDs can be entered when Lateral Flow Test results are being submitted. Reports can be filtered and created based on these IDs allowing follow up advice if guidance changes. The mobile and desktop view allows students and staff to easily record their test strip IDs.
  • Submit from Your Mobile – Students and staff can submit their results in seconds through the simple mobile view in under 60 seconds.
  • Automated Reminders – Automated email reminders can be set-up to remind staff and parents/carers to submit their lateral flow test result. Within Medical Tracker’s centralised view you can filter reports to also manually check if any lateral flow test submittals have been missed.
  • Follow Up Instantly with Advice – As well as automated email alerts for positive and void results you can also add ‘Advice’ within Medical Tracker which will automatically be sent to the staff member or the parents/carers of the student. A record of the advice given is stored against the lateral flow test for future reference.


25,000 school staff use Medical Tracker to manage first aid, medication and medical conditions in their school – watch a five minute overview below to find out why.



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