Cashless revolution at busy secondary

St. John Payne RC Secondary School

Going cashless by taking payments online

Monica Morley (School Business Manager) and Sara Smithdale (Senior Finance Officer) at St. John Payne Catholic School in Essex explain why the school went fully cashless and the lessons learned in the process.

Monica stated: ‘Back in 2008, the time required for collecting, reconciling and banking cash and cheques was almost becoming unmanageable; we had to do something to tackle this issue.’
‘Parents were already shopping and banking online so I couldn’t see why they wouldn’t also want to pay for school items online. Having spoken to other schools using ParentPay, I persuaded the School Leadership Team (SLT) that we should start to take online payments from parents.’

In 2008/09 the school started to use ParentPay to enable parents to pay online for trips and other items.
Monica commented: ‘Within a year we were starting to see benefits - with over £75,000 collected on trips and other items - we saved numerous administration hours, which were put to good use elsewhere.’

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