Adding payers to ParentPay

Your ParentPay system relies on data from your school’s management information system (MIS).  The MIS data is used to ensure that you only need to maintain the pupil records in a single location.  It is extremely important that your MIS system is kept up to date with new starters, leavers, changes to FSM entitlement, special dietary requirements etc. and that this information is regularly uploaded into ParentPay.

Uploading data from a Management Information System (MIS)

Select your MIS from the options below (if your MIS is not listed you will need to perform a manual upload covered below):

NOTE: It may not be possible to upload staff, pre-admission, visitor, guest and other records using the integrated model for your MIS. In these cases, it will require a manual upload as covered within Manual uploads (using MIS:Sync) below.

Additional upload resources

NOTE: Teacher accounts for the Classroom Selection module are not the same as staff payment accounts.  To set up teacher accounts please navigate to Settings > Manage users and set up a new account with type as Teacher.