How to make a withdrawal from your Parent Account

Your Parent Account enables you to maintain a balance within ParentPay which speeds up the process of making payments for items such as dinners or trips.
There may be occasions where it is necessary to make a withdrawal from your Parent Account, such as when a high value school trip is refunded, or when you no longer have a child attending a ParentPay enabled school.

NOTE: This process only allows withdrawals of funds already in your Parent Account. Dinner payments or trip payments need to be refunded to your Parent Account by the school before it can be withdrawn.


1. Go to and log into your ParentPay account
2. Navigate to Parent Account


3. Your statement will then be displayed
4. Select Withdraw from beneath the statement

5. Enter the amount to be withdrawn. This can be a minimum of £2.00, and a maximum of the total amount in your Parent Account

6. Select Make withdrawal
7. Confirm the withdrawal
8. Confirmation of the withdrawal will be displayed.

Note:The withdrawal may take up to 5 working days to be credited back to the card/bank account detailed on the withdrawal screen

Note:  If the withdrawal will result in amounts being credited to multiple cards/bank accounts, the confirm withdrawal notification will display what will be refunded to which cards.