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End of year procedures: Standard ParentPay end of year guidance can be accessed here.

ParentPay Local Authority application form: Local Authority Application Form

Extending your school’s use of ParentPay

The contract between ParentPay and North Yorkshire County Council includes full use of ParentPay for NYCC schools; there are no further setup or subscription charges from ParentPay to extend the service beyond the collection of just dinner money, for example to include extended school activities, trips and music lessons etc.  What you’ll need to do:

  • Enter the relevant bank details in the ParentPay system for settlement of income collected online and via PayPoint by ParentPay
  • Read the ParentPay User manual and online guidance on setting up trips and services
  • Let parents know that they’ll be able to start paying for all sorts of things to school online using their ParentPay account.

Reference and process documentation

SFSS school meals debt policy

SFSS refund policy

SFSS Refund Form

How to manage dinner money debt


There is on-going training available from ParentPay and Schools ICT.  Please contact SITC on 01609 536086 (Option 1) for further information.

If you or any of your school administrative colleagues would benefit from free refresher training, you may also contact ParentPay using the online support contact form (below).  Please tell us which areas of the system you would like to know more about and we will send you the relevant computer-based training packages.


Please refer to the ParentPay guidance here in the first instance.  If you have further queries that you need support for, you can make contact as below.

Local Authority contact

Jayne Laver


Phone:  01609 534416

ParentPay Support

Online support request form


Phone: 02476 994 820

Please do not give these details to parents as the school support team are not able to effectively answer their enquiries. Parents are asked to report issues via the school who can act on their behalf, or by completing a Parent Support Request, the link to which can be found on the bottom of the parent support page,