Supporting Parents

Providing quick, effective support to your parents is an important part of managing your ParentPay service, you are the first point of contact for your parents.

Our support team are always on hand to provide support to schools, and where necessary direct to parents.  If you find that you have been unable to assist a parent, please email providing full details of the issue, we will contact you to show you what you need to do should the same issue arise in the future.

The following quick guidance documents will explain how to action the most common Payer requests.


Payer guidance – How to activate your account

Payer guidance – How to pay for items? 

Payer guidance – How to top up your account and then pay for items

Payer guidance – How to view payment history

Payer guidance – How to add a child to your account or merge two accounts together

Payer guidance – How to update your username or password

Payer guidance – How to make a meal or event booking

Payer guidance – How to set up email and text alerts

Payer guidance – How to make a withdrawal from your account

School Guidance – Creating a second payer account