Getting started

Welcome to the ParentPay manager support site. 

Here you will find a variety of information designed to answer any questions you have and to help you to learn more about your ParentPay solution and the other features that are available.

As a new customer, there are several key milestones that you need to complete in order to go live. Below, we break these down into a series of steps with links to helpful guidance and videos where appropriate.  

NOTE: We suggest that you save this page in your browser while you are getting started so you can always get back here quickly.
  1. New site setup

If you haven’t already received a Welcome to ParentPay email, a member of our onboarding team will be in contact with you as soon as your new site has been set up, normally within 48 business hours of submitting your application. As soon as you have this you will be able to activate your first manager account and log in.

You should also have received an invite to view our Computer Based Training (CBT) training material located upon the LearnUpon platform.  You need to activate this account before proceeding.

Please let us know if you have any problems activating either account (contact details can be found at the bottom of this page).

  1. Review and complete personalisation

Once you have logged in with your new manager account, you should familiarise yourself with the interface. Below is a brief overview of the My ParentPay screen that you will log into as a manager.


You should now watch LearnUpon Video 01 - Initial ParentPay setup tasks


Upon completing Video 01 you should configure your ParentPay site to personalise it to meet your school’s requirements. This will ensure that your payers will be able to identify your school more easily from their Payer Application for payments and communications that they wish to make.  It also ensures that ParentPay support staff can more easily identify key contacts at your site for general, meal and security queries.

Key requirements:

    • Add a site logo
    • Add contact details for general/meal/DPO
    • Add additional Manager Accounts
    • Add school bank accounts (you will need to inform us if you need to be added to an existing local authority, catering or MAT bank account)
  1. Importing MIS data

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Key requirements:

    • Add pupils
    • Add staff





You will be invited to book in a 1-hour Getting started online training call that is designed to assist with getting you up and running.

NOTE: Initial contact will be made via the Main contact email address from your application.



        • Login instructions for our Learning Management System (LMS) provided by LearnUpon

Once your site has been setup the ‘main contact’ indicated on your application form will be sent their login details that will provide them with access to the ParentPay system.  They will also receive access to the Computer Based Training system to ensure the initial site setup tasks can be actioned.  The documents listed below will also provide you with guidance on the tasks you need to undertake:

Main contact tasks:

        • Upload pupil data
        • Uploading staff data if required

Setup Documentation

Personalise your site

Uploading pupil data – SIMS

Uploading pupil data – RM Integris

Add a New Bank Account

Uploading pupil data – CMIS

Upload pupil data manually

Uploading pupil data – ScholarPack

Uploading staff and visitors manually


STAGE 3: Going live

On completion of the Computer Based Training modules we would hope that you and your staff are confident in your use of the system and are ready for your agreed go live date.

Most schools are using the ParentPay Collection Service and once you start transacting the funds collected will be paid via the Collection Service into your nominated bank account(s).

Collection Service Settlement Statements

STAGE 4: Ongoing support

Contacting support and using the support code

Bite-sized video channel

Our Implementation Team will be available at every step throughout the setup stage to assist you and answer any questions you may have relating to your use of the ParentPay system.  You can telephone the Implementation Team on 02476 994915 or email them at

STAGE 5: Getting the most from your system

Launching ParentPay with Parents and Carers

The Launch Pack includes a variety of information to start making parents aware of the launch of ParentPay in your school. You may wish to consider including information in your school newsletter as well as including an update on your website with a link to the ParentPay website to increase awareness.

Manager guidance for supporting parents

Parent self-help guidance