ScholarPack Uploads

Schools using a ScholarPack Management Information System (MIS) are able to upload using an integrated API. This allows a manager to import pupils, staff and pre-admission pupils directly into the ParentPay system whenever required.

Scholarpack API

Configuring permissions in ScholarPack
Configuring the ScholarPack integration
Uploading data using the ScholarPack integration

Legacy API (V1 – This will no longer be usable from early 2021)

Configuring the ScholarPack V1 API
Using the ScholarPack API to complete an upload

WARNING: If you are an existing school migrating to ScholarPack from another MIS, it is essential that your Account ID's within ParentPay remain the same. If these are changing, please contact the ParentPay Service Desk for instructions prior to performing your first import, explaining that you will need your data to be matched after migrating your MIS.