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End of year procedures: Standard ParentPay end of year guidance can be accessed here.

Trafford Scheme: Trafford has been rolling out ParentPay since 2011 and has received very positive feedback on the benefits the system has had for schools.  The schools who have been on the scheme for some time are now quite expert and are happy to assist their colleagues at schools that joined later. If you would like to speak to a colleague at another school, contact Max Wahid at Trafford Council (details below).

Reference and process documentation

School Meal Arrears Procedure

Newsletter – November 2013

Newsletter – Spring 2014

Trafford Refund Policy

Guidance documentation for schools including the Debt Policy is being refined and will be uploaded to this site as soon as possible.


If you or any of your school administrative colleagues would benefit from free refresher training, please contact ParentPay using the online support contact form (below).  Please tell us which areas of the system you would like to know more about and we will send you the relevant computer-based training packages.


Please refer to the ParentPay guidance here in the first instance.  If you have further queries that you need support for, you can make contact as below.

Local Authority contact

Max Wahid (Project Manager)


Phone:  0161 912 4615

ParentPay Support

Online support request form


Phone: 02476 994 820

Please do not give these details to parents as the school support team are not able to effectively answer their enquiries. Parents are asked to report issues via the school who can act on their behalf, or by completing a Parent Support Request, the link to which can be found on the bottom of the parent support page,