SIMS Uploads

Schools using SIMS as their management information system (MIS) are required to use the MIS:Sync tool to upload their pupil and staff data into ParentPay.

Please use the following guide to install and configure this tool.

SIMS upload prerequisites

Installing MIS Sync (for SIMS)

Uploading Pupil Data from SIMS to ParentPay

Adding a Scheduled Task in Windows

SIMS users are able to use the Windows Task Manager to run the pupil import automatically on a schedule of their choosing.

Guidance on setting up a scheduled task in windows can be accessed from the link below:

Instructions – Setting up Windows task scheduler

 Using SIMS hosted by ScoMIS

For more information on managing your SIMS upload using ScoMIS, click here

WARNING: If you are an existing school migrating to SIMS from another MIS, it is essential that your Account ID’s within ParentPay remain the same. If these are changing, please contact the ParentPay Service Desk for instructions prior to performing your first import, explaining that you will need your data to be matched after migrating your MIS.