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End of year procedures: Standard ParentPay end of year guidance can be accessed here.

Debt clearance

Due to stricter GDPR registrations ParentPay are no longer able to offer the annual central Debt Clearance process carried out in the summer holidays.

New debt recovery process for Year 6 leavers

ParentPay will provide a report detailing Year 6 leaver data to Gloucestershire County Council mid-late August 2018. Gloucestershire County Council will use this to generate the invoice/recovery of debt amounts which have been accrued by your school.

IMPORTANT: Gloucestershire County Council will charge the school for ALL school meal debts outstanding for Year 6 leavers (charges will be made between the end of September 2018 and end of October 2018 depending on when the information is sent to GCC from Parent Pay).  It is therefore imperative that schools regularly review and reduce debts for all pupils, particularly for Year 6 Leavers, as it is significantly more difficult to recover debts once pupils have left the school.

Debt balances should, therefore, be kept to an absolute minimum.  It is the school’s responsibility to manage debt appropriately and ensure that debt balances are not accrued throughout the academic year.  School’s should, therefore, review School Meal debts regularly and ensure these are reduced.

Gloucestershire County Council has clear policies regarding debt recovery and management.  For more advice regarding this, or if you are having particular difficulties managing debt for school meals, you should contact your School Finance Support Officer or ParentPay Support for advice regarding tools available to help you manage debt more effectively. Please also refer to the Gloucestershire County Council Dent Management document below.

Adult Meals

  • Adult meals are provided by the caterer as an additional service to schools.  Enquiries regarding this service and adult payments made via Parent Pay should be taken up directly with the caterer and not the County Council.
  • All adult meals must be purchased via the ParentPay system, no other method will be accepted. Adult Meals are Duty meals, free meals, adult paid meals and visitor meals.
  • All school staff that require a school meal must be added to the ParentPay system if not already on there.  The system can also have visitor paid/free meals identified as necessary. Instructions are in the user guide on the help section of the ParentPay support web site
  • A report 5 should be run by schools on a weekly basis to show a simple summary of staff paid, staff free (duty meals), visitor paid and visitor free meals.  These can then be reconciled directly with the caterer. For details on this process please contact the caterer.
  • Please note any other Catering services other than School lunches (for example hospitality buffets etc) cannot be entered onto ParentPay and will be invoiced directly.

Reference and process documentation

Gloucestershire County Council Debt Management

Refund Process for Gloucestershire – School

Dinner Money Refund Form

Christmas Meals – Procedure Document


If you or any of your school administrative colleagues would benefit from free refresher training, please contact ParentPay using the online support contact form (below).  Please tell us which areas of the system you would like to know more about and we will send you the relevant computer-based training packages.


Please refer to the ParentPay guidance here in the first instance.  If you have further queries that you need support for, you can make contact as below.

Local Authority contact

Support Services helpline number: 01452 328383

Stephen Haywood (School Meals):

Phone: 01452 328 826

Asset Management & Property Services (Administration Team):

ParentPay Support

Online support request form


Phone: 02476 994 820

Please do not give these details to parents as the school support team are not able to effectively answer their enquiries. Parents are asked to report issues via the school who can act on their behalf, or by completing a Parent Support Request, the link to which can be found on the bottom of the parent support page,