January 2019 [103]

This was released in the January 2019 update package

Sprint 103

Major fixes and enhancements:

  • ENHANCEMENT – Introduced Arbor MIS integration for pupil, staff and pre-admission uploads
    • Set up pupil upload mechanism
    • Set up staff upload mechanism
    • Set up pre-admission upload mechanism
    • Introduced Arbor upload method into upload history report
    • Created appropriate error handling for un-authorised upload attempts
  • ENHANCEMENT – Improved Teacher Centre MIS integration
    • Set up pre-admission file upload and fixed an issue that was causing the staff uploads to fail
    • Modified the contact configuration so that only priority 1 contacts are pulled when uploading pupils

Minor fixes and enhancements:

  • ENHANCEMENT – Amended wording on BACS withdrawal modal to clearly indicate Account holder’s name in place of Bank account name
  • ENHANCEMENT – Improved BACS methods to eliminate the potential for duplicate processing
  • ENHANCEMENT – Introduced new functionality to ensure auto top-up rules are applied immediately when set up
  • BUGFIX – Modified Classroom Selection meal solution to improve performance
  • ENHANCEMENT – Introduced new warning message for when the Cypad meal booking solution is unavailable
  • BUGFIX – Repaired the Cypad payment screen to ensure any debt is added to the balance required to be paid, in line with all meal solutions
  • BUGFIX – Fixed an issue where the ‘Payment status’ filter on the Payment Report did not use the processed date correctly when selected
  • ENHANCEMENT – Improved the performance of the Payment Report to reduce the potential for it to time out