July 2018 [94]

Sprint 94

Major fixes and enhancements:

  • ENHANCEMENT – To reduce complexity and encourage the correct secure process, we have modified all password reset options to state that a reset should only be complete from the login screen, using the ‘Forgotten details’ link.
  • ENHANCEMENT – A change has been introduced to capture BACS information from a payer when they are trying to withdraw money but do not have a recent payment that can be refunded.  This will improve the parent withdrawal experience.  A summary of the withdrawal mechanisms used to return all funds is displayed on screen upon completion.
  • ENHANCEMENT – With the introduction of VISA Checkout as a new payment option, the ability to store a prefered card has now also been introduced.  This card can be set as a default payment option which can be quickly changed from the basket page where required.  This will simplify payments for Payers and provide a significant improvement in identifying the card being used.
  • ENHANCEMENT – Significant work has been completed in relation to the bank transfer feature (due for release early in the new academic year).
  • BUGFIX – An issue was recognised whereby a person could not be removed from a ‘Buddy group’ once created.  This has now been resolved.
  • BUGFIX – The View assigned people excel download was producing an accented character inappropriately within amount fields.  This has now been fixed.
  • TRIPS ENHANCEMENT – Include an option in advanced reporting to allow ALL assigned pupils to be seen in the Payment Progress report.
  • TRIPS ENHANCEMENT – A new option has been incorporated to allow the bulk removal of all assigned people on a trip.
  • TRIPS ENHANCEMENT – The ‘Allowances and bursaries’ field has been modified throughout the trips module to be ‘Record adjustment’
  • TRIPS ENHANCEMENT – A new option to refund/remove has been introduced to the manage attendance screen after a payment has been made.
  • TRIPS ENHANCEMENT – You are now able to edit a published trip to alter it to be a Limited availability type item.
  • TRIPS ENHANCEMENT – All trip reports have been amended so that Year and Reg are no longer included against each item in those fields.  This will improved the sorting capabilities when downloading the file.

Minor fixes and enhancements:

  • ENHANCEMENT – Multiple enhancements to manual uploads to ensure that any error messages received are more meaningful and inform the manager what they need to do to overcome the issue.  Additionally, changes to the upload mechanism will ensure many uploads will now succeed where previously they failed due to data issues in the upload file.
  • BUGFIX – A change has been introduced to disable the view button once a payment has been added to the basket.  This prevents the item from being added more than once.
  • BUGFIX – Changes to the upload method have been implemented to ensure that the class element is representative.
  • BUGFIX – The Payment item overview document link had been broken during a recent change to the main site.  This has now been repaired.
  • GDPR – Changes to the Progresso upload system have meant minor changes were required within ParentPay to accommodate their modifications.