June 2018 [93]

Sprint 93

Major fixes and enhancements:

  • ENHANCEMENT – A new, simplified basket has been introduced to the Payer Application to allow for faster checkout.  This basket is available to all customers that have signed up for VISA Checkout and will also be available for Bank Transfers (once they are introduced).  This feature will allow customers to view their current basket and quickly pay for it by selecting the VISA Checkout button.  It also offers the option to edit the basket and to use other payment methods which will take them to the existing full basket page.
  • ENHANCEMENT – A variety of changes have been introduced to better support the integration of the Cypad meal system.  Once complete, this will provide an alternative solution to till systems targetted towards primary schools.
  • BUGFIX – Payer verification emails were sometimes causing an error when the link was followed.  This issue has now been fixed.

Minor fixes and enhancements:

  • ENHANCEMENT – Remove old, unused links from shop payment pages and introduce a link to the privacy policy.
  • ENHANCEMENT – A modification has been introduced to improve the processing of voided payments within the payment gateway.
  • ENHANCEMENT – A change has been introduced to ensure that new module ‘on-boarding’ screens are visible to all customers, regardless of other notification messages they have queued.
  • ENHANCEMENT – The account recovery email change communication has been altered to include a link to alert our security team of a potential issue where the user had not submitted the change request.
  • TRIPS – A fix has been implemented to allow debits to be recorded within the new trips module.  This will ensure that manual adjustments can be fully implemented, especially useful for managing trip bursaries.
  • TRIPS – A fix has been implemented to allow manual payments (cash or cheque) to be displayed in the pupil statement where before they were missing.  This will ensure a more comprehensive list of payments will be visible.