April 2018 [91]

Sprint 91

Major fixes and enhancements:

  • ENHANCEMENT – An enhancement has been introduced to allow schools to request the UiFSM allowance be increased for their school.  This will essentially allow a school to create an automatic bursary for KS1 pupils when the meal price increases beyond the government set allowance of £2.30.
  • ENHANCEMENT – A new security code has been introduced to the Manager and Group Manager pages to improve security when interacting with ParentPay teams.  Using this code will ensure that managers are securely identified prior to interacting with ParentPay which is especially important when discussing sensitive information.  This code is found at the bottom of every page in the ParentPay manager and group manager application and you will be asked to provide it when raising support queries with the ParentPay support team.  They will then be able to enter this code and see the manager and schools details, significantly improving identification.
  • ENHANCEMENT – VISA Checkout is being introduced as a payment option for payers.  Initial work has been completed to implement many of the required features but is currently hidden from view until the feature is fully released.
  • TRIPS – The description has been altered in the ‘Assign people’ pop-up modal to better explain how to use the two available ‘Add…’ options.
  • TRIPS – An issue was fixed where managers were not able to show unconfirmed attendees in the ‘Attendance, consent and Information’ report under Advanced settings.  Now, when selected, all assigned pupils will be displayed including those that are assigned but not yet confirmed.
  • GDPR – We have introduced a facility for school managers to view and edit consent for Group Managers to see their schools details.  By removing consent, the Group Manager will be marked for deletion from the associated school.  This option will remain live until May 11th after which all GMA users that have been marked for deletion will have their access to those schools removed.
  • BUGFIX – An issue was fixed that affected certain meal reports (e.g. Report 14) where pupils switching from FSM to UiFSM and vice versa were not being counted correctly.

Minor fixes and enhancements:

  • ENHANCEMENT – The description of the mobile number field has been changed from ‘Account recovery number’ to ‘Mobile number’ to reflect its multipurpose use.
  • ENHANCEMENT – The error message displayed when a PIN verification code has expired has changed to reflect the appropriate action to take.
  • ENHANCEMENT – An improvement to the PIN verification process for mobile devices has been implemented to ensure a request is delivered in a more timely fashion.
  • ENHANCEMENT – A favicon has been introduced so that the ParentPay logo is correctly shown for saved pages.
  • TRIPS – An issue was fixed where the Payment Due date was being populated incorrectly as 01/01/0001.
  • TRIPS – An issue was fixed where the Payment Due date could not be adjusted to a value earlier than the currently set date.
  • TRIPS – An issue was fixed where places confirmed by a manager were not showing on the ‘Overdue payment’ report where appropriate.
  • TRIPS – An fix has been implemented to ensure that where a parent selects ‘No’ against existing medical conditions, the system does not ask them for details.
  • TRIPS – An enhancement was introduced to ensure that the trips tiles are laid out correctly when the screen is resized.
  • TRIPS – A fix was implemented to ensure that the costs page could be saved after editing the due dates.
  • TRIPS – A fix was implemented to stop a Trip Payment Item showing for payers in the ‘Also available to pay for’ section when they had already consented and paid for the place.
  • BUGFIX – Changes have been made to the upload service when completing a manual upload using MISWS so that large uploads, those with large pupil numbers, may complete successfully.
  • BUGFIX – A fix was implemented to allow a final payment to be made on a reducing balance payment item when the remaining amount was less than the minimum amount configured.
  • SECURITY – Several enhancements have been introduced to improve the account recovery process.