February 2018 [89]

Sprint 89

Major fixes and enhancements:

  • ENHANCEMENT – Introduce weekly variant of Advanced Event Supervisor report (Report 13) and optimise performance.  Also, default Dietary needs to enabled for each report run.
  • ENHANCEMENT – Enable entry screen for limited availability options in the new trips module. Where appropriate, ensure that places are reallocated to the available pool when a person is removed.  Also, ensure that a place is recorded as taken when a cash, cheque or manual card payment is taken for a new trips module place.
  • ENHANCEMENT – Introduce new data creation function to create new organizations and users to the Zendesk support system, ready for migration to this as the ParentPay support tool.
  • ENHANCEMENT – Several enhancements to the payer withdrawal process, enabling payers to enter bank details to process withdrawals more expediently.
  • BUGFIX – Repair the menu facility such that menus successfully accommodate holiday periods when building cycle weeks.
  • BUGFIX – Fix an issue that was occurring when a manager attempted to create a payment item that incorporated Account Codes.

Minor fixes and enhancements:

  • ENHANCEMENT – Remove Religion fields from Edit pupil details screen.
  • ENHANCEMENT – Default trips quantities to 1 for all trips created in the new trips module.
  • ENHANCEMENT – Remove the option to enter a quantity (number of items paid for) when making a manual payment against a payment in a trip created in the new trips module.  All manual trip payments are for a single place.  Note, it is only possible to pay for a fixed cost trip in full using the manual payment screen.
  • ENHANCEMENT – Amend Record adjustment functionality to allow managers to make a partial adjustment on a quantity trip payment item (limited availability trip).
  • BUGFIX – Display available places in the Payer Application correctly for limited availability trips.  This includes when managers adjust the number of places in the Manager UI or when places are actively taken through online or manual means
  • BUGFIX – Ensure that when a manager completes a refund against a trip, that a place is only returned if that option is chosen, else the place remains taken and assigned to the individual who received the refund.
  • BUGFIX – Repair an issue with the parent homepage notification facility (ParentPay Admin users).
  • BUGFIX – Ensure new bank accounts are visible in the new trips module.
  • BUGFIX – Ensure the correct number of places are shown in Manage Attendance Screen in the new trips module when a trip is Limited Availability.
  • GDPR – Add notices to multiple caterer application screens, defining data usage.
  • GDPR – Remove Child contacts page from payer application as this is not used by any part of the solution.