December 2017 [86]

Sprint 86

Major fixes and enhancements:

  • Significant enhancements to the Trip module including:
    • Capture and display of additional trip information e.g. medical, passport or EHIC
    • Improved validation of additional information
    • Introduce Free of Charge (FoC) trips
    • Exclude FoC trips from payment and income summary reports (no payment exists)
    • Exclude FoC trips from record adjustment and Cash & Cheque screens
    • Ensure trip refunds are managed in trips interface
  • Introduce GDPR common control for displaying explanatory text on the usage of sensitive data.
  • Introduce a field displaying whether a parent is activated or not (People>Payers screen).
  • Introduce a notification message indicating the current parent activation rate within the school.
  • Introduce a new Progresso integrated upload mechanism.
  • Provide an account recovery section to capture the email and phone number that a parent can use to self-recover their account should they lose access to it (for instance, where they no longer have access to their email and have forgotten their password). This is in preparation for a new self-recovery process to be delivered in a future release.
  • Introduce a management interface to change the School Contact details, captured through the End of Year process.  These details are presented to parents when they need to contact the school to resolve a specific issue, such as to get a refund (Settings > Contact details).
  • BUGFIX – Resolved an issue with View assigned people intermittently failing for some payment items.
  • BUGFIX – Resolved an issue with the payment process that caused an infrquent error when making payment.
  • BUGFIX – Repaired an issue with adding credit to a meal booking balance.

Minor fixes and enhancements:

  • Filter refund receipts to display single payment items to simplify refund process.
  • Introduce management console for MOTO manual card payments (PCI Compliance requirement).
  • Minor changes in the location of certain parent profile pages or fields.
    • Stored cards moved to Parent Account menu
    • Alert settings moved to Communication menu
  • Introduce multiple GDPR notices against fields that contain personal or sensitive information to explain how these are used by ParentPay.
  • Introduce a consent box that allows parents to opt in or out from schools being able to use their recovery mobile number for school to parent communication.
  • Remove all unverified email addresses or mobile numbers in line with GDPR advice.
  • Remove optional radio buttons for single payment items.
  • BUGFIX – Resolved an issue where the quantity field was hidden from parents if the payment was for a trip.