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NEW   How to amend the VAT rate for Staff/Visitor meals – click here.

NEW   Completing the End of Year (EoY) mandatory tasks – click here.

NEW   ScholarPack Meal Attendance – click here.

NEW   Configuring Custom Links for the Payer Application – click here.

NEW   Promoting ParentPay to Parents – click here.

NEW   Understanding Bank Transfer – click here.

NEW   Managing Classroom Selection bubbles – click here.

NEW   Changing your UiFSM allowance – click here.

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The ParentPay Terms and Conditions have been updated and are available here.

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We regularly contact schools with important information and updates on new features.  This information will be sent to the contact we have listed within the General contacts section of your Settings > Contact details page.  To ensure you continue to receive important updates and are kept up to date on new features please make sure you keep this information up-to-date.